Recruiting for NewOrbit

We are growing and we want to work with select recruitment agencies to help with our growth. Please review the information and our standard terms on this page as well as vacancies and what we offer employees on the jobs page. If you think we are a match, please contact us.

Standard Terms

Please note that these terms are non-negotiable.


The maximum recruitment fee is a fixed 15% of the annual starting salary of the candidate.


If someone joins NewOrbit and there is a potential problem, we will always try to work with the person to succeed, rather than quickly move to dismiss them. We only think this is fair and right, but it does mean that the usual short rebate periods are punitively short and encourages NewOrbit to give up on a candidate rather than help them to succeed. In practice, even on the rare occasion we do use the rebate, it is for a relatively small portion as the person will already have been with NewOrbit for several months.

Rebate rule: If a candidate leaves NewOrbit’s engagement within six months of the commencement of the engagement for any reason other than redundancy then the agency shall refund one-sixth of the recruitment fee for each whole month of that six month period which is remaining.

Example: If the candidate leaves in the second month then the agency shall refund 5/6 of the fee, if they leave during the 4th month then the agency shall refund half the fee.

Recruitment Approach

Quality Not Quantity

Our team that works on recruitment don’t do this full time – it’s around our regular day job. Therefore we won’t partner with agencies that create too much noise – we have ended partnerships because of this. We hope we provide enough detail on our requirements, and feedback on unsuccessful candidates to help with this.

Important Points

Recruitment process

The process as described here applies primarily to developers and UXD, however the general principles apply across all roles.

Stage 1: CV & Tech Test

Once a candidate has been reviewed and vetted by yourself, and you’d like to put them forward to us, please make sure you also send them the technical test.
This is a short 2 question test that we would expect to take around 10-15 minutes to complete. It can be done in a programming language of their choice.
It records what they type as they type, so we can see their thought processes behind their responses, as well as their technical ability.
CVs will not be sent on to the Development team to review until a technical test is received.

Once a CV/Tech test is received, we try to commit to a 1 working day SLA for feedback on whether we’d like to progress with a candidate or not.

Stage 2: Telephone Interview

The next step is a very short telephone interview – usually around 15 minutes or so. One of our Principal Developers will give the candidate a call and have a quick chat about their past experience - just to get an impression whether they’d be a good fit, both technically and personally, for NewOrbit.

Stage 3: Face to face Interview

These usually last between 2-3 hours, and cover the following:

The interviews are taken by 1 or 2 of our principals, and if available will involve our CTO. We try to make sure the candidates only have to come in for one F2F interview. In rare circumstances they may be asked to come in again, and this would only be to aid a final decision.

Stage 4: Offer

If the face to face interview has gone well, we may make the candidate a verbal offer then and there. We may want to take a bit of time, so may make an offer directly with the candidate and update yourselves.

Benefits, Environment & Qualities

Employee Benefits

Other Positives

Company Environment

Employee Qualities

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Key info

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Developer specific
Note: We will not consider any developer CV without an online tech test

CV and other documents

By submitting a CV through this form you agree to the terms as stated on this page, in particular a maximum fee of 15% and our rebate policy.